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A secret. A key. Much was buried when the Titanic went down, but now its time for resurrection.

April 1912
Olive Stanford boarded the Titanic determined to protect all she held dear, but her decisions cost more than she ever anticipated. She thought her secret would go with her to the grave--but she can't face the afterlife carrying the burden of her betrayal.
April 2012
A successful Realtor® , Ember Keaton-Jones has her life figured out--until a stranger shows up with a key to a century-old secret that challenges everything she believes. When she meets computer-savvy Jeff Dawson, working for his dad in the family's musty antique shop, she finds an unexpected ally in unlocking the mystery of her past.

As secrets long buried unfold, the two wrestle with what they discover. Can opinionated Ember and forward-thinking Jeff allow the past to reshape their future?

Carefully researched, this engaging tale includes true stories of the Titanic embedded in historical fiction.

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The authors took an overworked subject and wrote it in a fresh, captivating way. The added dash of mystery flavored the good writing and kept me reading. 

I really got wrapped up in this story and the characters. This is a good read. Moving! Gripping! Made me see that disaster in a whole new light. I highly recommend this. Take a trip into the past of a world wide tragedy but see it from a contemporary perspective. These authors really take you right into the scene.

I completed reading Titanic: Legacy of Betrayal a few days ago. I have always been fascinated by stories of the Titanic, but this one is a classic. Loaded with accurate historical facts, suspense, intrigue and romance this is truly a "Must Read".

I just completed "Titanic: Legacy of Betrayal" on my Kindle. I was totally captivated! The writing was so descriptive that I felt I was living the story. I was anxious to have the story resolved but yet I did not want it to end.

Wonderful blend of past and present, historical and contemporary. Plus I didn't get lost in, "which time period am I in now". 

These two authors are absolutely phenomenal; I couldn't have asked for more from this book! I definitely recommend checking it out!

The historical research shows and blending the fictional story with known historical stories and facts makes it all seem real and true. The intertwining of human emotions carried me along. I enjoyed this story more than the plot in the movie Titanic because in a book you learn the character's inner thoughts in ways that a movie can never portray, so the story feels deeper and more personal. I especially enjoyed seeing behind the mask of the villain in the story even though I never liked her.

Thankfully, this novel does not insult our intelligence, but carries the reader along on an exciting ride through the intricacies of past and present, revealing depravity, nobility, courage, and cowardice, but without illusions of grandeur. In this work we see the simple realities of the human heart. Thank you for this delightful read!


Ever since the accident that claimed her father’s life and left her sister in a wheelchair, Gabi Archer has retreated into herself. Photographer David Preston challenges her as he sees the strong and passionate person with a message to tell. Can David draw Gabi out of her shell, or will his past cause her to withdraw further?
Available in print and on Kindle!

Reader comments and reviews 
"Of the four ladies I liked Gabi the best. I also felt the story had the most depth and being a short story the plot moved along fast but it still was enjoyable." - Amazon review

- Barbour Publishing 

Three Rogue River Romances in one book. 

    ~God Gave the Song

    ~Crossroads Bay

    ~Fine, Feathered Friend 

See the book summaries below.

FINE, FEATHERED FRIEND - Heartsong Presents, Barbour Publishing

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Glenys Bernard is up for a role that will launch her acting career. One problem. It requires her to handle a falcon--and she's afraid of birds. She enlists the help of bird handler, Tim Vogel, who has a fear of his own--actresses. Will Glenys overcome her fear before she endangers lives? Will Tim shed his prejudice before his soul mate leaves forever? And will a gossiping parrot named Cyrano be able to bring these two together in his unique way?

Voted #7 in the Favorite Contemporary Romance category of the 18th Annual (2010) Heartsong Awards. Also placed #5 for Favorite Contemporary Cover.

Reader comments and reviews 
From a reader: How has this book inspired your life? "Kovach makes us feel good through her humor--and in these days we need to feel good."

From a reader: These characters were special because "they are not perfect, just very real and likable."

CROSSROADS BAY - Heartsong Presents, Barbour Publishing

Read the first chapter!

Caterer Paul Godfrey hadn't imagined meeting the girl of his dreams while draped over the side of a charter boat, nauseous. Captain Meranda Drake hadn't imagined she'd ever fall for a land-lubber. But the two team up to search for a long lost booty of coins that belong to Meranda's family. Their search takes them from the deep waters off the Oregon coast to the lighthouse that represents Meranda's deceased father. What they find is something more important than ancient treasure, more lasting than love, and more solid than the rocky shore.  

Voted #6 for Favorite Contemporary Cover in the 18th Annual (2010) Heartsong Awards.

Reader comments and reviews 
From a reader: These characters were special because "they seemed so true to life. They didn't seem like fictional characters at all." How has this book inspired your life? "To rely on God to help me through our own situation by continuing to wait, pray and trust."

From a reader: These characters were special because "they seemed real."

 - Heartsong Presents, Barbour Publishing

Read the first chapter!

Skye has spent his entire life dealing with pain and abandonment issues from his childhood. But as an adult, he's finally happy. . .until the day he gets a call from a lawyer saying his hippie mother, Hannie, is in a coma. When Skye shows up on Hannie's alpaca ranch as the surprised and hostile heir apparent, Ruthanne struggles to believe that her wonderful employer could be the same woman who caused the bitter pain she sees in Skye's eyes. Will Skye and Ruthanne each allow their unforgiveness to keep them bound and unfulfilled, or will God use a strange situation to heal their past hurts and anger?

Voted #9 for Favorite Contemporary Romance Novel and #7 for Favorite Contemporary Cover in the 17th Annual (2009) Heartsong Awards.

Reader comments and reviews 
From a reader: These characters were special because "they are easy to understand and feel for."

From a reader: These characters were special because "(they were) true to life. And the animals (were) so interesting." How has this book inspired your life? "More understanding of the heart. And God's love for us."

FLORIDA WEDDINGS - A compilation, Barbour Publishing

If you missed Merely Players, it is now rebundled with two other novels and retitled. I share this compilation with Lynn Coleman and Kristy Dykes. Here's the Merely Players description: When a dolphin trainer is reunited with her first love, now an A-list actor, she masks her emotions while making him jump through hoops to win back her affections. All the world's a stage, but God is the director. 

Merely Players placed second in the Inspirational Readers Choice Contest (IRCC 2007.) Also, because of this story, Kathleen was voted within the top ten of favorite new authors in the 14th Annual (2006) Heartsong Awards.

Reader comments and reviews 
Review: Something I thought made this book a strong romance is that the relationship between hero/heroine had depth. It wasn't trite or contrived. You could believe in their emotions and pull for them as a couple because Kathy dug deeper than surface attraction or circumstances to take the reader more fully into each of the character's persona--both who they were and why they were that way. Sometimes romance novels, especially short ones, leave me feeling flat because the characters and relationship between them are flat--predictable and shallow. It takes some hard work and deep knowledge of your characters to make them full and real in short word counts, but I think Kathy's book shows why it is worth it. She also made the spiritual element central to the story. It was genuine and relational. To be blunt, I've read some books where the spiritual elements felt contrived to me, like the author was trying to show that the character did all the right things and therefore her spirituality was real. I prefer characters who have an honest relationship with God and where the spiritual elements are natural and a part of the character's interior world. I have little patience with stories where the character's spiritual side feels tacked on to make the character look "good". 

Another thing that made her book interesting, is her research was thorough and included two worlds most of us aren't familiar with. Readers get to go behind the scenes with dolphin trainers and with movie makers & stars. I know that is one of the things that first pricked Heartsong's interest--the fact that the heroine was a dolphin trainer. That gave Kathy an edge right away because the editors said they had a lot of book proposals where the heroines are teachers, etc., but a dolphin trainer was something unique. ~ Paula Moldenhauer

Review: This is a fresh voice. Kathleen's first novel. It's a bit different with the unlikely hero lead a superstar actor. The spiritual message is strong and well done. ~ Mary Connealy

Review: Reading this Heartsong novel was like delving into a delectable dessert. Delicious. The romantic element was fabulous...every reader's fantasy. Who wouldn't want a hot Hollywood movie star to be in love with them? I enjoyed every minute of this savory romance. ~ Edgy Inspirational Author

LOVE LETTERS Novella Collection, Barbour Publishing

Four generations of women find love through the written word in unconventional ways: A sheet of music, fortune cookies, Post-It Notes, and messages left on Ebay. My story is "Cookie Schemes", about a modern young woman in 1955 who wants to join the world of business. When she meets a traditional cookie maker, who must find a wife to fulfill his grandfather's legacy, she finds he is wooing her with the scriptures he puts in the fortune cookies. The other fine authors in this collection are Mary Davis, Sally Laity, and Jeri OdellRated 3 stars at RomanticTimes.com!

Reader comments and reviews 
Review:  One of the better collections of short stories I have read. I think my favorite story out of the 4 is the one with the fortune cookies. I liked all the stories though, something which doesn't always happen in a collection. GoodReads reader review.

Review: Wonderful stories of anonymous love! GoodReads reader review.



- Antholgy Series - MAY 2004

My husband and I were fishing in Rocky Mountain National Park not long after we returned to Colorado after our Air Force travels. I remembered times as a child when the family would go fishing, and as I pulled my bubble through the mirror-like pond, I began reflecting on those fun times. That experience became "Ripples of Reflection", a short vignette.





The following works are parked on my Stories and Devotions Blog. They are yours to enjoy reading for free, however, please do not reproduce them without my express permission. 

The Odd Duck Series:

 "Odd Ducks and Tea" - Meet Aunt Molly and see how she saves a marriage with a  lesson about tea. 

"Odd Ducks and Clotted Cream" - Read how Aunt Molly brings Christmas tradition to its knees.

"Odd Ducks And Periwinkle" - Aunt Molly teaches a redemptive lesson over an annoying, yet beautiful, weed.

Other stories:

"The Love Scrooge" - Opinion columnist Ella Benezer has a "down with love" mentality. Can a ghost from her past heal her heart and help her to love again?

 "A Grave Promise" - A mysterious stranger leads romance novelist Penelope George through the historic streets of Silverton, CO. When he reaches his destination, God reveals her destiny.

 "In Love With Rosy" - Serious minded Kit has serious problems when she meets an unserious clown at the children's hospital and can't get him off her mind...seriously!



"How Blessed Is God" - Ephesians 1:3a

"High Places Of Blessing" - Ephesians 1:3b

"The Focus of His Love" - Ephesians 1:4

"Adoption" - Ephesians 1:5

"Celebration" - Ephesians 1:6

"Abundantly Free! - Ephesians 1:7

"Provision" - Ephesians 1: 8-10













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